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Electronic Digital Signature for registrations in Kazakhstan

In 2021 the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted and implemented new guidelines for submission of the dossier for registration of pesticides. According to these amendments any application and documents required for registration must be submitted electronically through the governmental web portal.
In order to get access to the web portal and sign the online application it is necessary to get an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) issued by the state public service centers.
Therefore, at the moment a lot of foreign companies are faced with the fact that they cannot proceed with the registrations they have started before, as they do not know how to get an EDS.
Polgar ACRO is ready to provide clarification on this matter.
Nowadays, there is an opportunity for a non-resident company to get an EDS without registration of a local company or permanent establishment. According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan a foreign company can go through a 3-step process of registration in the government system as a non-resident entity: get IIN (individual Identification Number) for the CEO, Head or General Manager of the non-resident company; then get the BIN (Business Identification Number) for a non-resident company; and finally get EDS and make registration on the state web portal.
Polgar ACRO already has positive experience in this area. That is why we offer our clients the full support in the process of obtaining an EDS for non-resident companies without registration of a new legal entity in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are ready to advise you on the full package of documents, help to adapt them to the state requirements, and our company will act as your official representative in communication with the state at all stages.
More information can be found on the web-portal of National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan: https://pki.gov.kz/nonresidents/ and the web portal of the electronic licensing of the Republic of Kazakhstan: http://elicense.kz/

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