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Registration services

Registration of agrochemicals in CIS is a complicated and longstanding procedure that varies from country to country. Registration support is required on each stage of the process from the moment of application and compilation of the dossier until the time when the Registration Certificate is issued (see more on regulations for each country in Registration procedure section).

Our services include preparation of applications, compilation and expert evaluation of dossiers, communication with authorities and institutions, including coordination of the document flow between them, and any other activity required for successful registration.

Having solid experience in the registration of agro- and other chemicals we make this procedure minimum complex for our customers. We share the information at every stage of our activities. Polgar’s policy is always about making the regulatory process transparent and traceable.

Apart from the complete registration support, we can also provide a range of case bound services such as, for example, helping to sort out specific problems at any stage of an already ongoing registration.