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Polgar ACRO Regulatory Webinar – Learning Objectives

Polgar ACRO Regulatory Webinar – Learning Objectives

Gain and consolidate practical first-hand information required to stay current with plant protection products (PPP) and other agrochemicals authorization/registration in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
Implement and maintain procedures required to comply with current regulatory laws 
Reduce the time taken for a PPP or agrochemical to go to the market 
Analysis of the pre-registration stage in order to warn the client against mistakes, show him the risks and dangerous moments 

Your Distinguished Trainers 
Olena Guz and Kateryna Babych, they are senior regulatory experts with more than 8 years of experience, recently as Head of Regulatory Affairs for CIS and Ukraine and Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Polgar ACRO Kft., they will share their wealth experience in registration of PPP and agrochemicals in Ukraine, Kazakhstan. 

We would appreciate, if you could inform us asap whether you or your colleagues are interested in participation, so that we could reserve a place for you, info@polgar-acro.eu

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