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New rules for state registration of pesticides have been approved in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- The application for state registration of plant protection products and the issuance of registration applications will be carried out through the web portal of "electronic government" www.egov.kz
All documents should be provided in the electronic copies form. The result of the provision of public services will be directed to the "personal account" in the form of an electronic document certified by an electronic digital signature of the authorized person of the service provider. The term of the service is 18 working days.

- The process of approving documents for the presence of the active ingredient in the list of prohibited substances is changing. From now on, the Ministry of Ecology and the Ministry of Health during the state registration will agree not only on the presence of the active substance in the list of prohibited substances but also issue an opinion on the presence or absence of potential risks from use in agricultural production.

- Applications for registration tests will be accepted until February 01. Registration test plans will be sent until March 5 this year.  

- Registration tests for biological products will be carried out within one year.

- The use of a reference pesticide is allowed similar purpose registered in States Eurasian Economic Union. 

- Submission of electronic copies of reports on hygienic, toxicological and environmental hazard assessment of scientific pesticide is allowed to organizations entitled to carry out these works in Ukraine, in states of the Eurasian Economic Union.

-Requirements for the analytical method of determination the active ingredient is changed. An employee of the responsible structural unit of the Office must provide an electronic copy of the analytical method for determining the active ingredient in a pesticide, the components of the formulation (fillers, emulsifiers, stabilizers and solvents) to a request for the possibility of state registration of a pesticide. The registrant (applicant) carries out the adaptation of the method for the conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition to the definition of the active ingredient, a definition of formulation components was added.

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