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New e-administration system for Plant Protection Products applications in Hungary

From the 1st of January 2020, the Hungarian Competent Authority (NÉBIH) established a new e-communication system for Plant Protection Products applications in Hungary. After this date, only the electronic submissions can be accepted by the Authority. 

 The electronic administration stated in the E-administration law focuses on electronic communication with the clients. Clients are entitled to make any administrative act electronically, to submit their declarations to the agencies electronically and use other possibilities for electronic services in any affairs under their scope of competence and authority. 

With regards to the above facts, every client, unless considered a private person, has to submit his/her application exclusively electronically through the user registration system of NÉBIH from the 1st of January 2020. Applications cannot be accepted in any other form (paper, e-mail, etc.). Electronic submission of the application cannot be substituted but can be completed by submissions in other forms (paper, CD, pen drive). 

 NÉBIH customer registration system can be reached here: https://upr.nebih.gov.hu/login

After registering a catalogue of affairs appears and the type of affair can be selected.



Use of the electronic system is mandatory also for foreign companies but as they do not have a login possibility for https://ugyfelkapu.Magyarorszag.hu, all foreign applicants have to designate a Hungarian representative for arranging his/her submissions.

We can act as your representative, contact us if you need support.

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