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Changes in the pesticide re-registration procedure in Russia

Federal Research Centre for Hygiene n.a. F.F.Erisman (main State toxicological institute) in Russia has introduced new requirements to the dossier on a pesticide going through the re-registration procedure. 

If the manufacturer has proved the chemical equivalence to the reference specifications by conducting a five-batch analysis in accordance with GLP standards, then only acute toxicity studies (six-pack) on both active ingredient and formulation are required. 

If the manufacturer has not conducted a five-batch analysis or the analysis has proved that the active ingredient is not equivalent, then additionally to acute toxicity he needs to conduct chronic toxicity study (two years), long term effects (teratogenicity, embryotoxicity, reproductive toxicity) and mutagenicity. Subchronic toxicity is not required in any case. If the manufacturer wants to prove technical equivalence, he needs to submit a full detailed five-batch report to the authority. 

These regulations apply to all pesticides except those containing phosphine, as it is impossible to conduct chronical or mutagenicity experiments on gas substances.

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