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Changes in procedures for registration in the Russian Federation

Major changes:

    - Control over the turnover of pesticides and agrochemicals at all stages, according to 522 Federal Law on Amendments to 109 Federal Law, which from June 2021, provides a return to the previous system of control and safe handling of chemicals during the importation and use in Russia. The application must comply with regulations: multiplicity, rate, crops, dosage.

    - When importing pesticides and agrochemicals into the territory of the Russian Federation, control over the possession of registration certificates and compliance with regulations has been strengthened.

    - In order to implement Federal Law 522, decree No. 1030 "Procedure for control at the border", has been adopted. Read more: https://fsvps.gov.ru/fsvps/main.html?_language=en

On 28.06.2021 the President of the Russian Federation signed Federal Law 221 on the amendments to a separate legislative act of the Russian Federation. All norms will come into force on 01.03.2022. These changes apply to preparations that are not subject to registration: peat, animal and crop waste, sludge, sludge, sewage.

Key provisions:

    - From 01.03.2022, registration for mineral fertilizers will be indefinite.

    - It will be possible to get an equally valid excerpt from the state register of registered preparations.    

        - The time limits for expert examinations have been reduced.

    - Within the framework of Federal Law 221, an interdepartmental working group will be established deciding on the revision of regulations, timing, or total exclusion of chemicals from the state catalog.

        - It will be necessary to provide samples of registered preparations to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance within a month after registration in order to control counterfeit products.

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