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All pesticides will be subsidized in Kazakhstan starting in 2020

According to the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aidarbek Saparov, from this year all types of pesticides will be subsidized. 

Annually significant budget funds are allocated for pest control and plant protection, but the result is not sufficient.

According to the report, one of the main concerns is the fight against weed infestation, pests and diseases. The areas of pests and diseases spread have been increasing; crop losses can be up to 40 percent, and in the years of mass infection complete death of the cultivated crops can occur.

Saparov stated that the current situation is connected with the fact that the necessary measures are not being taken and the monitoring of their implementation is not being performed at the proper level. 

As noted in the statement, pesticides will be subsidized taking into account the economic threshold of harmfulness. “(...) Farmers will be able to choose the necessary fungicides and insecticides for the disease and pest control, and also to prevent their mass spread by carrying out treatments in time,” the vice minister said. 

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