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11th Scientific and Practical Conference "Anapa-2021"

The main topics:

- new innovative forms of fertilizers, means of protection, plant growth regulators in agro-technologies of agricultural crops and ornamental plantations;
- issues of procedure for state registration related to changes in legislation on the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals;
- modern criteria for the classification of mixed agrochemicals and identification of brands (component composition and hazard class);
- issues and problems of registration of lime ameliorants in the framework of the State Program "On implementation in 2019-2024 of measures for liming of soils".

The conference was attended by experts from the Pryanishnikov Institute, Erisman, VIZR, representatives of companies (registrants, manufacturers), as well as the Deputy Director of the Department of Crop Production, Mechanization and Chemicalization and Plant Protection, Shirokova Irina Alexeevna.

In addition to the main topics, innovations, changes in environmental regulations (FSVPS), the indefinite State Ecological Expertise, changes in product labeling, the topic of products with stamps were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the control procedures over the safe handling of chemicals, the issue of adopting a law on parallel examinations in the interests of the registrant was raised.

The issue of the possibility of registration of products based on glyphosate was also discussed. Currently, glyphosate has been approved for registration for 2 years, desiccation is prohibited, regulations have been cut. The position of toxicologists on the ban will be discussed and, possibly revised.

You can read more about the implementations discussed at the conference in our next article.

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