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A meeting of the Commission on Integrated Hygienic Standardization and Regulation of Pesticides and Agrochemicals
Amendments to the Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Pesticides and Agrochemicals"
Draft Law "On chemical safety" and and two technical regulations were developed by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine
The Federal scientific center of hygiene n.a. F.F. Erisman is closed due to quarantine
Agro-associations of Ukraine do not support the initiative to ban chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl.
Committee for Industrial Development and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan informed about changes in the rules for the registration of the chemical products.
Draft Law on Chemical Safety of Products in Ukraine and Technical Regulations for Labeling of Chemical Products
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Government of Ukraine on May 27 formed the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.
New rules for state registration of pesticides have been approved in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
European Commission decided to ban pesticides based on bromoxynil and mancozeb
All permissions for Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-methyl plant protection products were recalled in the EU
The Russian Government extended the non-working period in connection with the outbreak of Coronavirus.
Restrictions and changes in the operating of the agricultural sector of Ukraine due to quarantine for COVID-19.
An emergency state has been introduced in Kazakhstan due to the outbreak of coronavirus.
All pesticides will be subsidized in Kazakhstan starting in 2020
New  director of the Federal scientific center of hygiene n.a. F.F. Erisman is appointed on February 3, 2020.
Electronic procedure for registration of pesticides and agrochemicals is introduced in Ukraine
The draft of Technical Regulation on the safety of plant protection products of the Republic of Kazakhstan was published
New e-administration system for Plant Protection Products applications in Hungary
New Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection