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Useful information

Registration process in each CIS country is regulated by numerous legal documents usually available from delinked sources. Apart from this, registration procedure is not always specified in the legal documents. In many cases, precise guidelines can only be found in specific documents released by expert institutions in each country. Also, there is always some data, that is in fact may not be found in any open sources, but could only be obtained during communication with authorities and responsible organizations. And this can be very confusing sometimes.

We have collected most of information one may need to learn about registration system in CIS. The very basics for each country we have summarized in presentations, available here.

Legal documents shaping national regulatory requirements are collected in our legal base. Wherewith there is also some other useful information we would always check from time to time and we have collected this here.

Polgar ACRO have also developed several check lists which are designed to help one getting to know regulatory requirements in each country. Those lists, that can be found below, summarize all the data which is to be presented to the registration authorities at the end of the registration process: study reports, expert conclusions, labels, licenses and permissions, etc. We have specifically identified what should be generated locally and what may be imported. There is also a note on the language requirements for each of these documents in the table. In other words, we have tried to make detailed but easily useable check-up lists. By going through them and ticking the boxes one could make own data gap analysis and find out if all requirements are covered.