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Staff selection


Palchekh Tatsiana

Works as Managing director of Polgar since 2010, has background in Law (LLM), in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MSc). Has previous work experience as head of regulatory affairs department in Hungarian agrochemical producer company with wide distributions in CIS. Apart from this, Tatsiana was involved in academic/research activity in the field of sustainable agriculture, IPM, LCA and EIA until 2007. Tatsiana was a Polgar ACRO business idea co-developer.

Regulatory Affairs Specialists:

Butovskaya Inna

Inna is a senior regulatory affairs manager in Polgar ACRO Kiev. Inna holds an MSc degree in agronomical engineering from National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. She has previous experience in R&D for quality and safety of agricultural products. Inna was also working as a Chief of laboratory breeding and seed crops of plant breeding and genetics department of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Further, Mrs. Butovskaya devoted some years or her professional career to the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Since 2011 Inna switched her professional interests and started working in the regulatory affairs. From 2014 Inna has been doing a great job in the registration of crop protection chemicals and seeds at Polgar ACRO Kiev.

Yessenova Zhanara

Works as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in Polgar ACRO since 2018. Zhanara holds BA degree in International Relations and MSc degree in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MSc). She has extensive work experience as a leading expert and a project manager in environmental, water management, agricultural and development projects in international organizations (World Bank, UNDP, EC, USAID). Currently also involved in the Ph.D. research on International Cooperation and Local Development.

Guz Olena 

Works as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in Polgar ACRO Budapest, holds LLM Degree from Riga Graduate School of Law and has work experience in the sphere of private law. Olena has 5 years of experience. Her area of professional expertise includes pesticides registration in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan. Olena's responsibilities include legal consultation, communication with regional offices and clients. She is also responsible for trademarks registration.

Fejes Agnes

Agnes is a Regulatory Affairs Manager in Polgar ACRO Budapest. She holds an MSc degree in Biology & Ecology and a Ph.D. in Ecotoxicology. Before she joined Polgar ACRO she worked as a researcher in the Plant Protection Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She was also working for the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary. Agnes has deep knowledge of the decision-making system of the European Union and specifically Hungary. She is responsible for managing the authorization of PPP's, biostimulants, fertilizers etc. in the EU, which includes trademarks registration and communication with the authorities and the CRO's.

Koloskova Evgeniya

Currently works as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in Polgar ACRO Hungary, holds one MSc degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy and another one in Ecology and Environmental Management. Evgeniya spent quite a time working as a chemical engineer assessing the quality and safety of chemical products in Russia. Later she switched her professional interests to regulatory affairs and started to work in the certification of chemical products. In 2017 she joined the team of Polgar ACRO Hungary. Evgeniya's responsibilities include coordination of ongoing projects, communication with regional offices and clients. 

Karagulova Aizhan 

Works as a regulatory affairs manager in ACRO Astana, Kazakhstan. Aizhan holds an MSc in Biology from the Eurasian National University n.a. L.N. Gumilev. Before ACRO Astana she was working at the National Center for Biotechnology at the Laboratory of Toxicology and Pharmacology, where she studied toxicological effects of chemical preparations. Aizhan published her scientific works in different journals. 

Zhamaliyeva Meruyert  

Works as a regulatory affairs manager in ACRO Astana, Kazakhstan. Meruyert holds a Master’s Degree in Ecology. She was a winner of the Presidential scholarship (for excellent study) and twice scholarship Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation (for achievements in science). She has experience in the project managing in the field of environmental protection and industrial safety, also experience in the civil service. Meruyert published 13 scientific articles in journals and 1 monograph.